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Evil Thoughts

As a continuation of our interaction to 8th November 2020 Sunday’s message of “Guard Your Heart”, we explore the topic of evil thoughts. Why Does God Warns Us About Having Evil Thoughts? In Genesis 6:5-6, the All-knowing God stated that He knows what is happening and it grieves his heart when people continue to act […]

Guard Your Heart

During the Sunday Services on 8th November 2020, we listen to the Message on “Guard Your Heart!“ Just like we have to guard and protect our physical hearts from heart attacks or strokes by exercising, dieting, taking medications, having enough rest, etc., It’s even more important that we must guard and protect our spiritual hearts […]

Why we must start with the Bible

  Each time we purchase something like a computer, a handphone, a fridge, we receive instructions on how to use the equipment. This is to help us effective and safely use the item for our own good.   I believe that before anyone start, to use / earn money, one must get the biblical guidance […]

Importance On Biblical Worldview About Money

As disciples of Jesus Christ, our worldview of things is very important. Otherwise we can potentially sin against what God is teaching through His Manual for Life, The Holy Bible. Our view of the world must come from this Handbook for Life and when we do so, even the worst-case scenario will turn out well […]

Testimony & Encouragement By Bro Richard Lim

Testimony & Encouragement By Bro Richard Lim on 27th January 2019 at LFEC. In the Introduction of Bro Richard Lim before he came to share God’s Word, Pastor Vincent spoke about how they both met in 2013, after a period of not seeing each other for more ten years. The Lim family came to Pastor […]

Thanksgiving & LFEC 8th Anniversary

Thanksgiving on 20th January 2019 (8th Anniversary) We thank the Lord for sustaining us these 8 years and for giving the opportunity to be an extended Hand of His to reach out to the many people that came troubled and highly stressed with some even attempting to end their lives because of the surmounting troubles […]