Guard Your Heart

During the Sunday Services on 8th November 2020, we listen to the Message on “Guard Your Heart!“ Just like we have to guard and protect our physical hearts from heart attacks or strokes by exercising, dieting, taking medications, having enough rest, etc., It’s even more important that we must guard and protect our spiritual hearts since it relates to eternity.

The Psalmist after acknowledging how great God is in making humans, close the chapter requesting God, the All-Knowing God to point out anything that would offend God so that as a human, the psalmist, can walk on the path of everlasting life.

I believe that this must be the desire of all disciples of Jesus.

In Mark 7:20-23, Jesus mentioned 13 sins that will defile us, and in the preaching, we encourage everyone daily in this week to think about a sin or two that would derail us from wholeheartedly following Jesus.

May the Holy Spirit help each of us to keep our hearts pure. Then, we will see God in our lives!

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