The Importance of Knowing God’s Will

Many people whether they are employees, workers, business people or entrepreneurs are busy or might just drift through life from one year to another without pausing or worst, not having the ability for reflections that is so needed to live well for our coming King, or to pull back and take a bird’s eye view of their situations and their lives.

Where have we been? How are we doing? How can we do better and by whose standards? What can we do differently? How do we operate and how does our business and life fit with God’s views and instructions? How would the future hold? What thoughts dominate us? How can we do well according to the Biblical teachings given in the Manual for Life – the Holy Bible? Are we pleasing our Creator with our workings? These are questions that as we approached the year of 2019, we must ask the Lord to enlighten us on.

Colossians 1:9-10 tell us that we can know the will of God so that we can lives that are pleasing to Him. We therefore can have the knowledge of His Will and function in His wisdom and understanding.

As God’s creation and His stewards of this life including money and possessions, we believe that one need to become aware of where one is right now in order to move forward with clear directions since our lives do count in eternity.

May the Lord help us to find His Will soon so that we can function pleasing Him with our actions. The Mission of our church is to equip believers with Godly principles and strategies to live for Eternity. To live fruitful lives for Jesus, the coming Judge (Matthew 25:21).

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