Importance On Biblical Worldview About Money

As disciples of Jesus Christ, our worldview of things is very important. Otherwise we can potentially sin against what God is teaching through His Manual for Life, The Holy Bible. Our view of the world must come from this Handbook for Life and when we do so, even the worst-case scenario will turn out well (Romans 8:28-29) because we serve the Awesome God who can do anything and everything according to His plans and purposes.

In Romans 12:2 Paul told us not to copy the behaviours and customs of this world and instead be changed in the way we think, through feeding on God’s Word and He will transform us into the person He had intended us to be. Through this changing of our minds and hearts, we will learn God’s will, and this is also true for the subject of money and possessions.

Romans 12:2 Don’t copy the behaviour and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will learn to know God’s will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect. (NLT)

Now that we are citizens of heaven, we must abandon our citizens of earth’s way of thinking where in the past, it was about what we could get to fill our stomachs, to fill our pockets, or to be seen as successful and rich but since the new person is formed in us through Christ, we must focus on the things above. Jesus told us in Matthew 6:31-33 to not be concerned about food as our Heavenly Father already knows what we need and since He is the Source of Life, He will provide but our part is to seek His Kingdom and His Righteousness.

Let’s reclaim the fact that our minds and our thoughts are important. If we don’t, we may be tossed to and fro by whatever comes across our path (Ephesians 4:14) and we could easy be persuaded by the tricks (the success and accumulation of wealth of the rich and famous that we desire and think would give us happiness) that the devil places along our journey of life resulting in us abandoning the faith that had first gotten us excited because we had found the Living God who loves and cares for us.

We are so hammered from many corners, by the teachings about wealth and how to acquire them but many of us lack the foundation that is grounded in the Bible. In our counselling work with people who are deeply burdened by debts, even among Christians, we find that their reliance to clear their debts is not grounded in the work of God but on their own efforts, leading to great anxieties and fear about how to get out of their debts while being overwhelmed and crushed by debts. It could well be the negligence or abandonment of the Biblical teaching about money that is the reason why Christians are in financial difficulties hence they cannot honour God with their wealth, and they come to church hoping to be encouraged about their troubles.

According to Crown Financial Ministries, there are 2350 bible verses about money and possessions. Let’s learn to master what God has given us.


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