Testimony & Encouragement By Bro Richard Lim

Testimony & Encouragement By Bro Richard Lim on 27th January 2019 at LFEC.

In the Introduction of Bro Richard Lim before he came to share God’s Word, Pastor Vincent spoke about how they both met in 2013, after a period of not seeing each other for more ten years. The Lim family came to Pastor Vincent’s mind and he was wondering how were they doing. This went on for about 3 weeks and by God’s appointment he happened to chance upon them entering a food court. From there, they ventured into several things and now Bro Richard mentors Pastor Vincent’s children in business. To God be the glory for how He fulfils His Plans and brings the families together.

Bro Richard shared about his encounter with God and for him, the Word of God is a lamp to his feet. It had guided him since he accepted Jesus as his Saviour and helped him throughout his life since he became a Christian in 1998.

On the Christmas of 1997, he was given Christian materials by his Christian family members. Hymn book, Bible, etc and he joked with his family that the market is bad and they are thinking of sending him to mission but the family members confirmed it was not planned but rather that each gave as they felt they would like him to have. When he looked at the Mandarin Bible, the word “約”(“ To Invite”) stood out to him and impressed in his heart that God had invited him to read His Word. So he spent 2 hours each morning and 2 hours each night to read and engage with His Word. Through the reading, he encountered God, the Creator of everything.

He shared from Proverbs 2:1-11 and explained the Mandarin word ““ which means “comprehend”. When ““  is broken up, it shows the following.

This word shows us that for each of us to understand the Word of God, we must listen from our heart by using our 5 senses (i.e. touch, sight, hearing, smell and taste). On top of that, we also need to ask questions with our mouth. Questions not to prove our intelligence or cleverness but questions of enquiring how we can follow the commandment of God with our hearts. When we apply this word’s meaning, the Word of God becomes a lamp to our feet in this world we lived and in no matter what the situation we are in.

When Bro Richard came to know Jesus as his Saviour, he heard a voice telling him to go to Israel for a second time. He shared how the Lord provided for his air ticket and a friend to accompany him.

During that trip to Israel, the Lord revealed Bro Richard the following 5 words. These words would help and teach him great lessons as he faced one of his most difficult challenge in his life.

To be a disciple of Jesus, one must not only BELIEVE that He had purchase their freedom from sin but he or she must OBEY which is hard because in our modern society, we don’t like to obey and we want to do things our way.


Following obey is to be FAITHFUL. Faithful to what God had told us to do. We may want to use our human ways to do our things but being faithful is what God requires of us. Bro Richard shared that one day after waking from his sleep, the fear of the unknown suddenly left him. During that period, things were very difficult for him but when the Lord had removed his fear, he could FEAR NOT, face the challenges ahead and experience the PEACE of God in his heart till today. Some of his friends thought that he will not be able to take the pressure and that he would have committed suicide but because of the peace in his heart given by Christ, he had keep on going and settled his issues to the best of his abilities.

He concluded his sharing through Matthew 4:1-4 and Deutronomy 8:1-6; and encouraged our church to live by the Word of God

In conclusion, in Revelation 3:20, it is revealed that Jesus is knocking at our heart’s door and Bro Richard encouraged us to open our hearts to the Lord to follow Him. Our Lord has sustained Bro Richard through his most difficult times and had kept him strong. He can do likewise for all who sincerely follow Him.


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