Why we must start with the Bible


Each time we purchase something like a computer, a handphone, a fridge, we receive instructions on how to use the equipment. This is to help us effective and safely use the item for our own good.


I believe that before anyone start, to use / earn money, one must get the biblical guidance about this subject money and possessions. The Bible is God’s Instruction manual for life and there are hundreds of verses that teaches us to handle money and possession well with an eternal perspective since there’s a day of accounting coming and I believe it includes money that God had allowed us to steward.


Jesus warned that we cannot serve God and money which means that He treats this subject as one of great importance. He came to reveal God and bring us into His eternal kingdom and yet he compared the Creator of life with something He had created, money. Therefore whatever He compares against God with must be something that is vital and crucial for His people to be aware of and be warned against. We as His disciples need to understand, acquire the knowledge and know how to handle this subject with the guidance of the Holy Spirit. In so doing, we can indeed become His disciples because we are listening to His instructions, advice and warning.

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